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Our concepts are customised for every rest area thanks to a careful research on local culture and customs.


at the café
Created by the Alborea Group to characterise the Snack Bar's offer. Classic/special coffee, Cappucino and related; brioches cooked on site; salty/sweet snacks with local ingredients and typical products. Take away option available
at the self
Hot dishes prepared locally with the possibility to choose from some of the chef's proposals. 
at the restaurant
Offer of hot food prepared on request, with the possibility to combine menu (eg first course + second course + drink) and table service.
at the bakery
The alternative to traditional sandwiches: simple and garnished pizzas, piadas and piadines produced with various fillings (also on request). Take away option available.
at the natural
Offer of cold/hot dishes of grilled and steamed vegetables; smoothies/juices/centrifuged; take away option available. All these foods will expand the range of locavore products.
At the gourmet
It is the typical local snack offer. Products with good prices/ingredients. The gourmet is the protagonist of the niche snack offer.
At the truck
Large space dedicated to the truck driver: shower kit, industry magazine, workwear.
at the newspaper
A real newsstand with national newspapers, magazines and monthly newspapers.
at the fridge
The corner of the market with products such as bread, milk, yogurt and cheeses, ready-made sauces, juices, jams and honey.
at the travel shop
Personal care and wellbeing, clothing and accessories for sport, Motorcycling, small repair kits, travel accessories.
at the mobile phone
Landline and mobile telephony, accessories, sat - nav, iPods and multimedia players, dvd players, palmtops, digital photo cameras, medi